Best Supplements For Brain Health

What if someone told you there are three simple things you could do now to help prevent cognitive decline as you age? The research is in on brain health supplements.

The Cooper Institute Senior Investigator Steve Farrell, PhD, FACSM, shares why your level of vitamin D, omega-3 and fitness matter when it comes to maintaining your brain.

What Are The Best Supplements For Brain Health That Will Help You Build a Better Brain Power? This Honest Article Explain It All

If you want to take care of your current and future mental function, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking the BEST brain supplements for your brain health. In fact, since your brain directs the activities of the rest of your body, it’s best to pay attention to what your brain needs starting NOW.

What Are The Best Supplements For Brain Health That Will Help You Build a Better Brain Power?

A great way to start supporting your current brain functioning and future brain health is to make sure you get the right nutrition, stay hydrated, and limit any unhealthy habits.

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You may have picked up like smoking or consuming too much alcohol, exercise at recommended levels for your current health status, and, to make sure you’re fully supporting your brain health, take the right vitamins and supplements to ensure you’re giving your brain exactly the nutrients it needs.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the best brain supplements in 2022 to support long-term brain health..

Improve Vitamin D Levels for Brain Health

A May 2018 study by The Cooper Institute looked at how blood levels of vitamin D affect cognitive function. More than 4,300 Cooper Clinic patients ages 55 and older were given a test of cognitive function for brain health called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). The test evaluates memory, concentration and language and scores on a 0-30 scale. A score of less than 25 indicates cognitive decline.

“Results showed patients with low vitamin D levels in their blood were significantly more likely to have cognitive impairment on their MoCA test,” says Farrell. “In fact, they were 26 percent more likely to score less than 25 on the test.”

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Best Supplements for Brain Health

The vitamin market is flooded with numerous brain health and memory-boosting supplements, but how are you supposed to know which ones actually work before you spend your money?

The Streamside Assisted Living team is here to help you make an informed decision. We have created a list of the best brain supplements to support memory, mood, and brain health, check it out!

Vitamin B12

The list of health benefits that come from taking Vitamin B12 is quite lengthy. Some of the most notable advantages are its brain supporting qualities. Studies have shown that Vitamin B12 works to prevent brain atrophy.

When the brain starts to deteriorate, there are higher chances for Dementia, Alzheimers, and other memory loss diseases. Lack of Vitamin B12 has also been linked to poor brain performance. Your body cannot produce Vitamin B12 but it can be found in certain foods, taken through supplements, or even by injection.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is the synthetic version of Folate. It was created to be put into foods such as pasta and bread because it is more resistant to the high temperatures that are used when cooking or baking.

This helps increase the intake of Folic Acid so consumers will reap the health benefits of consuming it in their everyday diets. Through many studies, Folic Acid has been found to be a natural alternative that works to decrease or prevent brain disorders.

There are also some clinical trials currently going on that are yielding positive effects on cognitive function in those who are taking Folic Acid.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D or “the sunshine vitamin” is one of the most well-known supplements for overall brain health. Clinical studies have found that hypovitaminosis D, which is the lack of Vitamin D, can make you more susceptible to mood disorders and strokes.

There is also strong evidence that Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for brain function as well. It manifests as a brain cell protective hormone that works to regulate brain calcium, immune system function, and enhance brain cell signaling.

The easiest way to raise your Vitamin D levels is through spending a little time out in the sun. However, it can also be taken orally or through foods such as fatty fish and egg yolks.


They are effective in managing narcolepsy and enhancing mental focus and attention, especially for people with attention disorders. Best Vitamins for Memory are also helpful in boosting memory, learning, and general brain health. There are three types of Nootropics to choose from; Eugeroics, nootropic supplements, and ADHD medications. Choose what is appropriate depending on your mental health challenges or preferences.’

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Vitamin-E supplements

Taking effective antioxidants helps protect the brain from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes fatigue, migraines, and memory loss. Health experts recommend a diet rich in vitamin E as it boosts overall brain health.

It may be challenging to get enough Vitamin E from diet alone. That is why you should also take Vitamin E supplements regularly for better brain health. Some dietary sources of vitamin E are almonds, sunflower, and peanuts. Pumpkins, vegetable oils, and greens are also ideal sources of vitamin E.

There are a few side effects of using brain health supplements. Some of the side effects are;

  • Less fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pains
  • More mental focus and alertness
  • Some people may also experience headaches and anxiety

Other ways to boost your brainpower

  • Regular exercises
  • Being more creative
  • Breaking out of routine and learning new things regularly
  • Taking a daily power nap
  • Socializing more

People experiencing problems with concentration, memory, and mood swings should take Top Rated brain supplements regularly. But brain supplements are not limited to such people only. Anyone can enhance their brain power. If your diet does not provide enough brain-enhancing nutrients, you should also take brain supplements. Remember to opt for quality brain supplements to reap the above benefits.

It is not advisable to take supplements without proper prescription, supervision, and monitoring by your doctor or dietician. Some supplements may interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the body. But with proper guidance and by choosing effective supplements, taking brain supplements enhances overall body health.

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